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  The Magic Lures

These Magic Lures are also know as Ikan-Ikan by the locals. According to the local fishermen, these lures originates from Southern Philippines and is still widely used there.

These lures are extremely effective competing even with live bait. It can catch almost anything including Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Rainbow Runners and Groupers. It is most effective when there is daylight.

  Set up the Magic PVC lure as in the diagram.
  Throw the lure out away from the spreader rig followed by the spreader rig.
  Let it hit the bottom.
  Retrieve in a jerky manner.
  If you are using hand line, pull in the line quickly about 4-5ft on each retrieve with your right hand and pass the line to   your left hand.
  Repeat this until you have fully retrieve the lure.
  The fish usually take the lure on the way up.
  If you are using a rod, make sure you lift the rod tip 4-5ft, reel in the line while lowering the rod tip and repeat.
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