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  Brunei Reefs & Wrecks 2 Days/1 Nights Package

  DAY 1
  Set off for the reefs, wrecks or FADs of customer's choice
  Optionally, you may stop and catch livebait off the many FADs along the way
  Fish different reefs along the way
  Do night fishing

  DAY 2
  Do some fishing in the morning and head back to Muara port

  Included in this package are:
  1. Basic breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the trip. (Mineral water, soft drinks, chicken, fruits, instant       noodles, coffee, tea, etc)
  2. Natural bait such as Tamban, Basong or Selar
  3. Livebait - (When available)
  4. Hundreds of movies to watch during the trip
  5. Lots of Playstation games to entertain yourself when not fishing
  6. Small Library of magazines and books.
Louisa Reef | Brunei Dropoff | Wreck Reef
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Local Wreck & Reef's
Brunei Dropoff
Louisa Reef/Dogtooth
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Louisa Reef
Brunei Dropoff
Wreck Reef